Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Color Blocking: Pink

We all know pink is a color associated with love and romance, but did you know poppy pink is a perfect color to accessorize your table?  Pink is fun, youthful, and exciting and like the color red can stimulate your energy by increasing things like blood pressure, heartbeats, and your pulse rate*!  We love the extra punch these bright pinks bring to everything from kitchen measuring, cocktails, or a simple plated cake.  

Here our some of our favorite pink pieces...

Row One (left to right)
1. Bondi Beach Dessert Plates, $70 set of six
2. Un Tresor Poudre Dessert Plate, $20
3. Foison 19x19 Napkins in Hortensia, $11 each.

Row Two (left to right)
1. Un Duecouer Pie Plate, $70  $35 on sale (limited quantity available)
2. Gloss Coffee Spoons in fuchsia, $9 each
3. Elisa Pink Champagne Flutes, $82 set of 6 assorted pink/purple colors

Row Three (left to right)
1. Joseph & Joseph Magnetic Measuring Spoon, $4 each
2. Faux Lotus Flower, $8 each
3. Petale Porcelain Bowl, $14, Petale Porcelain Dessert Plate, $12

Are you bold enough to add pink into your everyday dining?  Check out our other "color block" in Green!

*Online Source: SensationalColor.com

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