Thursday, August 11, 2011

Presentation Plates for Dishes & Desserts

We all know presentation counts!  Dress up for your big speech at work and chances are if you look good, you'll sound good.  The same is true for your table.  That amazing meal you spent all evening cooking deserves to be shown off on beautiful presentation dishes!  Why not give your family or guests a visual treat as well as something their taste buds will enjoy? 

Here are some of my favorite presentation plates and dishes that give your food a little extra oomph.

Clockwise from top left:
Un Patio Cordoue Dinner Plate, $32
Nature Enchante Large Oval Dish, $72
Mathilde Cake Plate, $52, available in Beige (shown), Blue, or Purple
Bondi Beach Salad Serving Bowl, $84

A great statement dish in complimentary colors makes a nice hostess gift too!  What's your favorite way to make a statement on your table?

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