Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unusual Utensils: What is a Fish Fork?

Welcome to Unusual Utensils!  We tend to be very simple in our dinning habits, so there are a few utensils that don't come in your standard place setting.  So identifying and figuring them out can be frustrating.  Welcome to the fish fork (left). 

During a formal meal, both a knife and a fork will be provided for the fish course.  Your fish fork is usually slightly shorter than your traditional table fork and has three tongs instead of four.  It is shaped slightly differently to help you best manipulate the fish on your plate. 

Serving sets for fish are also commonly available and are almost identical in shape but  much larger.
To the right you will see your fish knife.  Slightly different in shape from a traditional knife, again to help you in moving and cutting the fish.  It also does not usually have a sharpened edge as most table knives do, seeing as fish is not as hard to cut as most other meats.

Looking to add fish pieces into your set?  Try the Select Series shown here, smooth handles with a subtle shine, available in Ruby, Paprika, and Natural.  Fish Fork, $24, Fish Knife $27.

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